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Moolenaar is a name that originates in Holland. It is a profession: A person that operates a mill, usually a windmill.

   Miller    English          Mugnaio    Italian          Møller    Norwegian          Mlynář    Czech
   Molinero    Spanish    Molenaar    modern Dutch    Mjölnare    Swedish          Mlynár    Slovak
   Müller    German    Molnár    Hungarian    Meunier    French    Errotari    Basque   
   Mölder    Estonian    Mylläri    Finnish    O'Muilleor    Irish (Gaelic)    Moleiro    Portuguese   
   Møller    Danish    Młynarz    Polish    Morar    Romanian    Malūnininkas    Lithuanian   
   Mlinar    Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian    Değirmenci    Turkish    Μυλωνάς    Greek   
   Moliner    Catalan    Muelisto    Esperanto    Мельник    Russian    Mel'nik    Russian
   Мелничаров    Bulgarian    Malējs, Dzirnavnieks    Latvian    Muiñeiro    Galician    Млинар    Ukrainian
   טוחן    Hebrew    طحان    Arabic    Chủ cối xay    Vietnamese    آسیابان    Persian   
   米勒    Chinese    मुलेनार    Hindi, Marathi    Dəyirmançı    Azerbaijani    Mîlan    Kurdish(Kurmanji)
   Asiyavan/ئاسیاوان    Kurdish (Sorani)                                 
   Molinarius    Latin (probably the origin for this name)                       

In Holland there used to be many windmills. They were used to pump the water from the polders, grind flour, saw wood, etc. Only few of them remain now, but the name Moolenaar can be found all around the world.

An overview of people who are called Moolenaar and are present on the Internet:

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If your last name is Moolenaar, you can get an entry on these pages by filling out this form.

A genealogy of the Moolenaar Family: here

The remainder of this site is for Bram Moolenaar. Bram
Vim - Vi IMproved   a professional text editor
A-A-P   a system for distributed software development
ICCF Holland   a small NGO helping orphans in Uganda
CAcert   I'm a CAcert assurer. CAcert is a Non-Profit Certificate Authority.
Sound Anomaly   the Sound Anomaly Fan Club
Fun stuff   after a day of hard work there should be time for fun
Photo albums   Pictures I took while exploring the world.
Zimbu Labs   Used to be my one-man company until July 2006
Zimbu   An experimental programming language (under development)
  Documentation can be found on this site, including the language specification and the Zimbu templates specification.

Vim desktop Calendar

A desktop calendar for 2023, made from one sheet of paper.
After folding, one side contains a useful 12-month calendar.
On the other side there is brief information about ICCF-Holland,
and Vim. All files are PDF format, about 125 Kbyte.
language - paper size  
English - A4
English - Letter
Dutch - A4

NLUUG award

I am very proud to get this award for my work on Vim and open source in general. The NLUUG is the Dutch Unix user group, they recently celebrated their 25th birthday. Other people who previously received the award are Guido van Rossum and Piet Beertema. So I'm in good company :-).

The award was handed out at the NLUUG spring conference. Gijs Hillenius interviewed me, which resulted in this article in the dutch newspaper AG: 'Weinig aandacht voor open source in Nederland` .

NLUUG award


In 2022 Evrone interviewed me about my work on Vim. You can read it here

Czech people apparently like to interview me. A recent one can be found in the online magazine Linuxsoft.cz: in English and in Czech

Another interview was published in the Czech magazine LinuxEXPRES.
Here you can find the original Czech version: Interview screendumps and Interview PDF.
Here is an English translation: Interview HTML.
The GNU FDL license applies to these texts.

The Vim books

There are now about a dozen books about Vim. Many are for beginners, some are for advanced users. Some are a bit old, some are fresh off the press.

Most books are in English, but there also is a small book "Vim GE-PACKT" in German. If you search for it, there are translations of some of the books in various languages.

You can find more information here: Vim books.

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