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AU Australia
City Name Born e-mail www
Brisbane Duke 1987 yes no
Kingswood, NSW Robert (Bob) 1960 yes no
Melbourne Paul David 1976 yes no
Pambula, Sth Abram 1937 sun no

BE Belgium

City Name Born e-mail www
Mortsel Miek 1953 yes no

FR France

City Name Born e-mail www
Boucau Jules 2007 no no
Boucau Titouan 2009 no no
Boucau Rémi 1976 yes no
Floirac Philippe 1945 no no
Saint Paul lès Dax Guillaume 1974 yes no
Saint Paul lès Dax Clément 2012 no no
Saint Paul lès Dax Thibault 2015 no no
Salleboeuf Bertrand 1971 yes no
Salleboeuf Tiara 2011 no no
See NL Netherlands
IE Ireland
City Name Born e-mail www
Dublin Nigel 1964 yes no

NL Netherlands

City Name Born e-mail www
Almere-Buiten Marja Renske 1966 yes no
Alphen aan de Rijn Hetty 1951 yes no
Amsterdam Constant 1971 yes no
Apeldoorn Susanne (Elizabeth Jantina) 1986 yes yes
Apeldoorn Theodoor Daniël (Ted) 1954 yes no
Bosch en Duin Hugo 1946 yes no
Drachten Guy 1950 (overleden 2021) yes no
Geldrop Marc 1965 yes no
Gouda René (Laurentius Jacobus) 1970 yes no
Groningen Semme P. 1983 yes yes
Haarlem Alieke 1970 yes no
Haarlem Hans 1949 yes no
Haarlem Hans 1960 yes yes
Haarlem Robert G.A. 1967 yes yes
Haarlem Ton 1947 yes yes
Hagestein Sjoerd 1976 yes no
Hillegom Ineke 1963 yes 2nd no
Hilversum Jan 1929 yes no
Hoorn Britta Daphne 1970 yes no
Huizen Marianne 1980 yes no
Krimpen a/d Yssel Rolf 1934 yes no
Leermens (Gr.) Andries 1994 yes no
Leermens (Gr.) Annemiek 1992 yes no
Leermens (Gr.) Kees (C.J.) 1959 yes no
Leiden Marieke 1976 yes no
Leidschendam Bert 1969 yes yes
Lelystad Frans 1961 yes no
Lisse Ab (Albert Anne) 1944 yes no
Lisse Kees (C.A.) 1937 yes no
Nootdorp Willy 1964 yes no
Oosthuizen Laurens Theodoor (Rens) 1943 yes no
Rotterdam Anneke 1978 ? no
Rotterdam Sebastiaan (Hugo Laurens) 1974 yes no
's-Gravendeel Peter 1983 yes no
Sassenheim Charlotte-Louise Amalia 2005 yes no
Sassenheim Cornelis 2002 yes no
Sassenheim Daniella Sonja Cornelia 1998 yes no
Sassenheim Fred 1962 yes yes
Sassenheim Kees 1965 yes yes
Sassenheim Kees 2002 yes no
Sassenheim Lisa Joanne Astrid 2000 yes no
Schagen Tom 1963 yes no
Schoonhoven Herman 1934 yes no
Sleeuwijk Nienke 1980 yes no
Spijkenisse Patricia 1977 yes no
Stitswerd Frits 1946 yes no
Utrecht Marten 1971 yes yes
Utrecht Wouter 1978 yes no
Veldhoven Wilma 1958 yes no
Veldhoven Fred 1962 yes no
Voorhout W. Moolenaar & Zonen B.V. yes yes
Vught Jolanda 1969 yes yes
Zaltbommel Maurice 1970 yes yes
Zevenhuizen Pieter 1944 yes yes
NZ New Zealand
City Name Born e-mail www
Christchurch Cor 1934 (died 2017) yes no
Christchurch (Jan) Willem 1962 yes no
Christchurch Theo 1995 yes no
ES Spain
City Name Born e-mail www
Puerto de la Cruz Bram 1961 yes yes
UK United Kingdom
City Name Born e-mail www
Barnet, London Gillian Bryony (Gil) 1958 yes no
Haywards Heath René (Renatus Wilhelmus Johannes) 1962 yes yes
London Lucien 1965 yes yes
US United States
City Name Born e-mail www
California - Mountain View Marcel 1968 yes yes
California - Santa Barbara Jules 1933 yes no
Florida - Indialantic Willy 1941 yes no
North Carolina, Denver Edward 1951 yes no
North Carolina, Raleigh Marvin & Connie 1949 Marvin Connie no
Oregon, Corvallis Jessica 1982 yes yes
VI Virgin Islands
City Name Born e-mail www
Charlotte Amalie Ashley-Ruth Ulla 1982 yes no
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas island Lucien Alanzo, II 1943 yes no
St. Thomas Gwen-Marie ? yes no
Charlotte Amalie Pamela 1970 yes 2nd yes

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